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50 Sentences

Stolen from 1sentence .

McShep all the way as this pairing is eating my brain!


#1 - Ring

The only upside of the ringing in his ears after the abnormally large explosion that John had somehow caused was the fact that he couldn't here Rodney berating him for being a reckless idiot with a deathwish, but he could still see the worry in his eyes.

#2 - Hero

“You're my hero Sheppard.” Rodney mocked as John came up with a completely ridiculous plan, John just smirked at him, his eyes sparkling and telling Rodney that he wasn't going to get any sex for at least a week for that quip.

#3 - Memory

The memories are all hazy but one stands out, John telling him not to say goodbye, being resolute as his voice got low and his face closed off and Rodney knew, in that moment, that John was trying to be brave.

#4 - Box

Rodney stared up at him as John placed the small box on the lab table, there was a I'm so gonna get laid for this grin on his face but his voice was quite and gravelly “Happy Birthday McKay.”

#5 - Run

“Rodney, run!” John shouted over the gun fire and Rodney had no intention of obeying, not when John was pinned behind the broken Jumper by four Genii soldiers, no way was he leaving him.

#6 - Hurricane

Rodney was like a hurricane, John mused one day as Rodney blustered through the Mess shouting at people, leaving shaking head, rolling eyes and scared lab rats in his wake.

#7 - Wings

He had tried to explain once to Rodney what it was like to fly, to feel free, to understand without having to think, Rodney had smiled and answered, “I get it John.”

#8 - Cold

The water was freezing cold, making Rodney shiver and complain more than usual but John's hand was warm when it slid across his shoulders and rubbed once at the nape of his neck, his voice was gruff but his eyes were smiling and worried, “Shut up, McKay.”

#9 - Red

Rodney hated the colour red, he hated seeing it bloom across John's uniform, seeping through Rodney's fingers as he pressed against the wound and John clutched at Rodney's wrists and his eyes rolled back into his head, “John...John look at me.”

#10 - Drink

The Jumper cruised through space effortlessly under John's ministrations as he passed the canteen over to Rodney, their fingers touched briefly and Rodney couldn't help but wonder how he would fare under John's ministrations.

#11 – Midnight

Rodney had usually hated midnight, he was usually alone in the lab, which he loved, but the time always seemed to drag around midnight, not when John started showing up in the lab, his hair all over the place and an easy grin on his face, “Need some company?”

#12 – Temptation

John was out cold, hit by one of the Wraith Stunner Guns and the temptation to take what he wanted was almost overwhelming to Rodney.

#13 – View

The view from the Pier over the looking the city at night was breath taking, but it was nothing compared to the sight on John on his knees with his hands wrapped around Rodney's hips.

#14 – Music

Rodney found him in one of the long forgotten rooms in an uninhabited part of the city, sitting at what the Ancients passed as a Piano, he didn't seem to notice Rodney leaning against the door frame as his fingers flew over the keys, throwing out soft music into the room.

#15 – Silk

“The silk could be useful in the first aid kits,” John explained as Rodney raised his eyebrows when John lifted the package from the table, “Could be useful for other things too” He added when everyone else had left.

#16 – Cover

John shivered and Rodney pulled the covers higher, “Such a gentleman,” John mumbled before drifting off back to sleep.

#17 – Promise

“Yes Rodney, I promise not to kill anyone...unless they shoot at me first,” He grinned just before stepping through the Stargate with a warmongering Ronon on his heels.

#18 – Dream

It must be a dream, Rodney though, because no way would John be here, licking a stripe up his throat and biting down on the delicate skin beneath his chin, arching up into him, no way, must be a dream.

#19 – Candle

“Isn't this romantic?” John laughed as he lit the candles, ignoring the withering look from Rodney as he tried to remedy the fatal power failure to the whole city.

#20 – Talent

John had a talent for a lot of things, getting into trouble was one of his best, but his best was probably the way he could reduce Rodney to a gibbering wreck with very few words and his mouth on his neck.

#21 – Silence

The silence stretched on between them as Rodney struggled to get his breath back and John licked his lips slowly, as if savouring the taste of Rodney on them.

#22 – Journey

“I don't care about the destination McKay, its the journey that matters” John had once said, pressing Rodney down into the mattress and licking and biting his way down his chest, when he reached his destination Rodney had to agree with the sentiment.

#23 – Fire

“You know what I miss? Log Fires.” John said one night and Rodney had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from fainting at the thought of fucking John beside an open fire.

#24 – Strength

It had taken most of his strength to haul the dying Rodney the 3 miles back to the Stargate and through it, it took the rest of his strength not to kill Beckett when he said there was nothing to be done.

#25 – Mask

“So you don't actually know what this is for?” John asked, grinning, and holding the mask up to his face; “Don't play with the ancient artefacts Sheppard, didn't you ever see The Mask?”

#26 – Ice

Rodney didn't even want to know where John had got the ice, not when John had a cube in his mouth and was currently making his way along Rodney's inner thigh.

#27 – Fall

John's amused face came into his line of sight and he stuck a hand out to haul Rodney to his feet, “Enjoy your trip?” He laughed when Rodney scowled at him.

#28 – Forgotten

He hadn't forgotten how possessive John could be, more like it had slipped his mind, but when the young girl from the backwater planet had smiled at him and John's fingers had balled into fists by his side, Rodney remembered, and suddenly looked forward to getting back to his quarters when John could remind him just who he belonged to.

#29 – Dance

It was like a dance that only they knew, but they were stuck on one move, circling each other, sharing looks that meant nothing to outsiders and everything to them, never quick taking the step forwards to complete it.

#30 – Body

John was different without clothes, smaller, more fragile looking, his body pitted with scars that Rodney longed to run his hands and tongue over, more fragile looking though, because John chose that moment to tackle Rodney to the bed and have his wicked way with him

#31 – Scared

“Don't be scared McKay, I'll protect you,” John laughed as he, Teyla and Ronon raised their weapons against the advancing locals trying to buy Rodney's brain from them for a large amount of grain.

#32 – Farewells

“No, not gonna happen, McKay.” John crossed his arms over his chest, there was no way in hell he was going to say goodbye to Rodney, no way, because Rodney was going to get them out of this, Rodney always got them out of trouble.

#33 – World

John watched as the world beneath them burnt, furious with himself for begin unable to stop it, but Rodney's hand was a warm, comforting weight on his shoulder and Rodney's thumb stroked up and down his neck as they both stared out of the Jumper window.

#34 – Formal

It wasn't often that they had to dress up but the locals were having a ball and they had to attend, John had to admit though that he hated wearing formal wear, but he loved seeing Rodney in it.

#35 – Fever

His fever was making him delirious, it must be that and he's blaming the fever for the fact that when Rodney peered out from behind Ronon's shoulder to ask if he was going to be ok, John replied with “Love you too McKay.”

#36 – Laugh

John didn't laugh nearly as much as he should, and if Rodney had his way, John would laugh all the time, because his eyes lit up and his whole body quaked and it was just about the most adorable thing Rodney had ever seen.

#37 – Lies

During the day they lie, arguing and bickering like they always had, but its the nights when the lies become truth and John runs his fingers through the sweat on Rodney's chest and whispers filth into his ears.

#38 – Forever

Rodney honestly didn't care if time stopped and he was stuck here forever in some time bubble, not when John nipped at his collar bone and tightened his hand around his cock.

#39 – Overwhelmed

It wasn't often that Rodney was speechless, it took a very special comment from John to achieve that, but the look he gave John right after he first leant forward and kissed him was one of completely gobsmacked and John made a point of doing that more often.

#40 – Whisper

“Make this shot and I'll get down on my knees and blow you right here,” John whispered in his ear, Rodney spluttered, fired and missed, John just grinned that shit eating grin of his and laughed, “You know I'm gonna do it anyway right?”

#41 – Wait

“There's gotta be something we can do, all this technology and nothing?” Carson had just shaken his head sadly and patted John on the shoulder as he sunk to the floor outside the infirmary and waited for a miracle.

#42 – Talk

When Rodney breached the subject of what had happened between them whilst they had been besieged in the Jumper during a typhoon John had just shaken his head and pulled him closer, “Talking's over rated McKay, don't you think?”

#43 – Search

He had been searching for hours when a thought occurred to him and he stomped down the corridor to Rodney's room, “If you stolen my Johnny Cash poster just to lure me to your room, you're getting no sex for a week.”

#44 – Hope

Each time the gate opened and a recon team came back, Rodney hoped the first words he would hear over the radio were “We got him”, he carried on hoping even after Elizabeth called off the search.

#45 – Eclipse

Once every 300 hundred years the Planet experienced a Solar Eclipse and John and Rodney were able to witness it first hand, sitting on the edge of the pier with a beer in their hands and their thighs pressing up against each other.

#46 – Gravity

As the Gravity Drive went of the Jumper and Rodney floated to the ceiling, John smirked that I've got an awesome idea but you probably aren't going to like it smirk, “Sex in zero gravity sounds interesting.”

#47 – Highway

Sometimes John just took the Jumper out, flying for hours over the endless ocean, sometimes Rodney came with him and it was the closest thing to driving along an empty highway that this galaxy had, and for once Rodney was quiet beside him.

#48 – Unknown

Each time they opened a gate to a new Planet John got the thrill of the unknown, the spark of adrenaline that coursed through his veins as he stepped through the gate, it also made him want to rip Rodney's clothes off but that to wait till the privacy of their quarters once that particular mission was done.

#49 – Lock

“You might want to fix the locks, Rodney, what I have planned for you might be illegal in this galaxy.” John's voice pulled Rodney from his laptop and his gaze fixed on the rope in John's hands.

#50 – Breathe

“Come on McKay, breathe...fucking breathe,” Rodney's arms were tired and his heart trying to beat its way through his chest, but Rodney was still when Teyla managed to pull John off him and hold him still while he fought against her “breathe...”

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