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[sticky post] Master Post for fics...

Thought it was about time I did this...

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LJ Idol 10 - Week 4 - Break Week

This was a break week but there were 4 optional prompts.

I really struggled with these but want to keep pushing myself especially when I don't feel like writing.

The prompts were:

Possum ran over my grave

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Dylan shifts against the throw cushions like they’re made of barb wire for the tenth time in as many minutes.

Nothing seems comfortable at the moment. Truth be told nothing had felt comfortable for years. Not since…

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LJ Idol 10 - Week 2 - That One Friend

The rule was explained to him when he was 11, red faced with embarrassment and anger. His mama sat him down and paced in front of him, then crouched and took his small hands in hers. She always smelled of sugar and flour, he remembers that now, the smell coming to him like a dream.

“Boys don’t kiss boys Cal, boys kiss girls. But only good girls and only with their permission.”

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“So what did he say?” The friend slips onto the steps next to her and wraps an arm around her. The other hand holds her coffee precariously and a rolled cigarette that threatens to drop ash into the coffee. She leans her head on her friends shoulder and sighs, squinting at the phone screen in the late May afternoon sun.

“’I like you but not enough to see you exclusively.’ Dick,” she laughs bitterly, lifts her head from her friends shoulders and locks her phone. “He wasn’t even good looking enough to be that much of a dick.” Her friend splutters on her cigarette.

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LJ Idol - Dipping my toes back in

Ok so after a LONG break I am missing writing so have decided to participate in therealljidol

So this is my shout of I'm in!


World Gone Made

Little Post-Apocalyptic fic that may be expanded in time.


Stiles can’t remember when he last slept longer than three hours.

They’ve been running for so long now that it seems his body just survives on adrenaline and nothing else, a few stolen bites of food here and there, a couple of snatched hours of sleep then they’re off again.

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This Is Us

Who cooks normally?
Stiles likes cooking, he knows it’s not particularly masculine but he likes it. Plus he had to do it after his mom died to make sure his dad actually ate something that was dripping in grease every now and then. But he likes it, is the point, and he’s pretty darn good at it too, if the noises that the pack makes whenever he pulls out a tray of cookies or another lasagne are anything to go by. Of course Derek tries to hide the fact he appreciates a home cooked meal, but Stiles knows him well enough by now that the slight twitch in his lips is him trying not to smile.

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