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Master Post for fics...

Thought it was about time I did this...

Master list...Collapse )

World Gone Made

Little Post-Apocalyptic fic that may be expanded in time.


Stiles can’t remember when he last slept longer than three hours.

They’ve been running for so long now that it seems his body just survives on adrenaline and nothing else, a few stolen bites of food here and there, a couple of snatched hours of sleep then they’re off again.

Stiles cant really remember when it happened...Collapse )

This Is Us

Who cooks normally?
Stiles likes cooking, he knows it’s not particularly masculine but he likes it. Plus he had to do it after his mom died to make sure his dad actually ate something that was dripping in grease every now and then. But he likes it, is the point, and he’s pretty darn good at it too, if the noises that the pack makes whenever he pulls out a tray of cookies or another lasagne are anything to go by. Of course Derek tries to hide the fact he appreciates a home cooked meal, but Stiles knows him well enough by now that the slight twitch in his lips is him trying not to smile.

how often do they fight...Collapse )


I have no idea where this came from, I just found it on my computer, tidied it up a bit and voila...Harvey/Mike role playing pwp.


It"s why he frequents this place, its discreet and out of the way and the service is second to none...Collapse )

Betting On Forever (Part One)

So this is for niablackcat who requested this fic because of this gif set.

I started, got a few thousand words in, then got stuck, so I drafted in mrstotten to help. And my GOD did she help.

This a joint fic from both of us. There wouldn't be a fic without her.

This is a Sterek Teen Wolf fic in case you're wondering!

He can"t really put a finger on when he and Derek Hale became friends, let alone best friends...Collapse )

Part Two

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

This is not sweet, or nice, or non-creepy. Just saying.

Peter x Stiles dreaming stuff going on here.

(spoilers for latest episode)

Sometimes Stiles wakes, skin covered in sweat...Collapse )

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